House Committee Approves Marsy’s Law for Idaho, Resolution Supporting Equal Rights for Victims Heads to Full House


Feb. 28, 2018

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House Committee Approves Marsy’s Law for Idaho, Resolution Supporting Equal Rights for Victims Heads to Full House

BOISE – Marsy’s Law for Idaho is applauding state lawmakers who have agreed to support stronger and equal rights for crime victims across the state.

The House State Affairs Committee on Wednesday voted 9-6 in favor of HJR8, the proposed constitutional amendment that seeks to strengthen Idaho’s rights and protections for victims.

“The members of the committee deserve credit for their vote today and their recognition that we can and should do more on behalf of Idaho’s crime victims,” said Assistant Majority Leader Brent Crane, a Nampa Republican sponsoring Marsy’s Law for Idaho in the House. “Today’s result is an important step in the process of providing victims more protection, a stronger voice and equality in our justice system.”

The committee sent HJR8 to the House with a “do pass” recommendation. Like all constitutional amendments, Marsy’s Law for Idaho needs a two-thirds majority in the House and Senate and a simple majority by voters. If approved by both chambers, Marsy’s Law would be on the ballot in November.  

Drafted specifically by and for Idahoans, HJR8 would build upon the Victims’ Rights Amendment approved by 79 percent of voters in 1994. Marsy’s Law for Idaho would provide victims the right to be notified in cases when an offender escapes or absconds from probation or parole. It would also give victims the right to confer with prosecutors and ensure that these and other rights have constitutional status, equal to the rights the state and federal constitutions grant the accused.

“My experience in the justice system taught me that it’s important for victims to have a voice during a dark time in their life” said Lauren Busdon, a University of Idaho sophomore and crime victim who testified during Friday’s hearing. “Marsy’s Law for Idaho provides that voice and strength, which is why it’s so encouraging to see Idaho lawmakers step up and act on behalf of victims.”

Marsy’s Law for Idaho has won the endorsement of the Idaho Sheriff’s Association, the Idaho Fraternal Order of Police, the Professional Firefighters of Idaho, the Idaho Victim Witness Association, the Idaho Council on Domestic Violence and Victim Assistance and other victim advocacy organizations.