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Reader Comment: Coronavirus Threatens Victims Rights By Luke Malek


Governor Little Recognizes National Crime Victims’ Rights Week


April 8, 2019

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Finding Hope

Finding My Voice - Matt Morgan's Story

At the age of 44 years old I was repeatedly awakened by nightmares. I told my wife I haven’t had this dream since I was a kid.  It became completely debilitating in a short amount of time.  I really thought I was going crazy. With the help of my family, I found myself in a rehab center. You see, addiction was part of my story. There,  I worked through some intense therapy and I learned that these dreams were actual memories from my childhood.  I could no longer deny what had happened to me.  My whole life I hated myself and couldn’t look in the mirror,  I struggled with addiction and suicidal thoughts but really never knew why.

Photos of Matt Morgan from infancy through his teen years courtesy of Matt and Lynne Morgan