Victims' Voices

Sylvia's Story

Nearly 15 years ago, my daughter, Angie Leon, was shot and killed by her estranged husband. Three weeks shy of her 22nd birthday, my daughter was taken from me and her three children. For the rest of our lives, we’ll be the victims of this senseless crime.

Lauren's Story

None of us has the power to insulate ourselves entirely from criminal behavior. No matter how safely we try to lead our lives, there is always the risk that one day we – or someone we know and love – will be victimized by a fatal car crash, sexual assault, or more violent crime.

Finding My Voice - Matt Morgan's Story

At the age of 44 years old I was repeatedly awakened by nightmares. I told my wife I haven’t had this dream since I was a kid.  It became completely debilitating in a short amount of time. 

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For One Victim, the Struggle to Regain a Sense of Control

Natalie Marti’s experience as a victim of crime begins in February 2003 when she, her husband, and their baby daughter were driving home on an Idaho interstate. As her husband, Shawn, prepared to exit the freeway, a drunk driver traveling the wrong way at speeds estimated at 98 mph smashed into Marti’s vehicle.


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A Closer Look with Ashlee Birk

On March 11, 2011, Emmett Birk was shot and killed in a Walgreens parking lot by the husband of a secret mistress. His wife, Ashlee, was made a widow at the age of 28 with 5 children.