What is Marsy’s Law?

Marsy's Law provides equal rights for crime victims.


Victims and advocates from around Idaho share their stories.

I believe it to be a matter of common sense that a crime victim’s rights should likewise be protected by the Idaho Constitution. I am proud to join my fellow Sheriffs in supporting Marsy’s Law for Idaho, and I welcome the opportunity to work with members of the Legislature to help get this constitutional amendment passed in 2018.

Kieran Donahue, Canyon County Sheriff and President of the Idaho Sheriffs’ Association

As victim witness coordinators, we work with crime victims every step of the way, from helping them deal with the personal and emotional trauma to guiding them through the complexities of the justice system. While we are working hard to do the best we can to help crime victims with the tools provided, there is more we can do to improve the system for crime victims -which is why I support Marsy’s Law for Idaho.

Susan Nalley, President Idaho Victim Witness Association

As a prosecutor experienced in abuse cases and a longtime advocate for victims, it’s clear to me there is always more we can do to help victims. Idaho has been a leader in victims’ rights, but Marsy’s Law is critical for taking victims’ rights and protections to the next level.

Jean Fisher, FACES Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Ada County Prosecutor

In our role, we’re often in a position to sympathize with the victims of violent crime. That’s why it makes sense to get behind a campaign that is devoted to improving the protections and rights for victims who suddenly find themselves in our legal system.

John Buck, Gem County Coroner and Idaho State Association of County Coroners Board Member

The Idaho State Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police is over 1800 members and growing, we believe in making a difference in our communities, we believe in the integrity of our profession, and we believe in the efforts of Marsy’s Law to help keep victim’s rights strong.

Brian Lovell, President Idaho Fraternal Order of Police