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FACES of Hope Hosting Third Annual Benefit in April

A high-profile survivor of domestic, sexual, emotional, and financial abuse will be headlining the 3rd annual Faces of Courage fundraiser here in Boise in April. On April 9th, Idahoans will get a chance to hear firsthand about the resilience and perseverance of Andrea “Drea” Kelly, the former wife of disgraced music star, R. Kelly.

Idaho Legislature Tackles Busy Legal Agenda

The Idaho Legislature is wrapping up its second month of policy making and it’s clear that crime legislation is a priority. There are several bills that we’re keeping our eyes on, in particular with the future impact on victims of crime.

Q&A on Victims and Marsy’s Law for Idaho with Paige Dinger from Faces of Hope

Paige Dinger is the Executive Director of Faces of Hope Foundation in Boise. The foundation plays a critical role in the day-to-day operations of the nonprofit victim center through fundraising and leadership. Every year, Faces of Hope helps hundreds of men, women, and children who turn to the victim center at times of crisis and need. We thank her for taking the time to discuss the victim experience and how Marsy’s Law for Idaho is designed to help crime victims.